Mike Pence Assailed The Administration Of Biden In Iowa!

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

Mike Pence, Former US Vice President declared that he cannot stand the administration of Joe Biden anymore. On Friday, while crisscrossing Iowa, Mike Pence assailed the administration of US President Joe Biden for unleashing left-wing policies across the country. 

Mike Pence Trying To Step Outside Trump’s Shadow!

According to Pence, these policies are a threat to all the important progress that the Republicans have made in the past. The trip of Pence to the state nominating the 1st president hinted that Pence is trying to create his political future by stepping outside Trump’s shadow. Despite Pence’s loyalty to former US President Donald Trump for four years, the pro-Trump fanbase of the GOP is upset with him. The pro-Trump fanbase of the GOP is angry that Mike Pence refused to heed the attempts and wishes of Trump without any mechanism of the constitution. They are angered over the incident which took place on 6th January. 

However, Mike Pence received a nice and warm reception from friendly audiences as he started his presidential campaign. Previously, Pence has always been a supporter of the agenda that Trump and he had earlier campaigned in 2020. He seems confident of that agenda and is sure that the agenda makes winners out of candidates. However, around this time, his words didn’t include praises and glory stories about former US President, Donald Trump. That tells us a lot about what Mike Pence is trying to do in Iowa.

Since he departed Washington, there has been no mention of Trump in his speeches and talks. However, he did include a significant reference to the riots of 6th January which took place after the speech of Trump. The pro-Trump fanbase of the GOP wanted Mike to cancel some of the electoral votes of the states.