Los Angeles Mask Mandate Reinstated

Eric Holcomb
Eric Holcomb

Reports confirm that the Los Angeles mask mandate will be reinstated. It will be done from the 17th of July that falls on a Saturday. The origin of the mandate is the rise in the cases of coronavirus infection throughout the state. The number of hospitalizations has also seen a spike. Dr. Muntu Davis, the health officer of Los Angeles County, gave a statement with regard to the case. It was stated that the people will need to put on their masks indoors irrespective of getting vaccinated. This statement on the Los Angeles mask mandate was made this Thursday.

Los Angeles Mask Mandate Need

The health officer further said a few words on the loss of families due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Dr. Davis shared his condolences while he made the announcement for the Los Angeles mask mandate. It was stated that the requirement will be upheld until there are some improvements in the cases of coronavirus infection in the country. The health officer also added that it would be wrong to delay in taking the right decision.

As per the news release, there has been an increase in the 210 additional cases of coronavirus infection. This was reported on the 15th of June. Following this, over 1500 fresh cases were added to the list this Thursday. This is the highest number of cases since the month of March as reported by the concerned officials.

The need for the Los Angeles mask mandate comes from the fact that the daily rise in the cases is 3.7%. This percentage increased from 0.5% when it was last calculated. As per the information derived from the officials, there are 4 million citizens of Los Angeles County who are yet to get vaccinated.