Mike Pence Breaks With Former President Trump In Arizona Governor Race

Mike Pence
mike pence

Former Vice President Mike Pence has directly opposed Trump in the Arizona gubernatorial elections and thrown his weight behind Karrin Taylor Robson. He has announced his endorsement for the Republican lobbyist and former developer in what is being seen as a last-minute course correction.

Mike Pence declared that Robson was the only candidate running for the post of Arizona governor who had it in her to keep the border of the state security and the streets safe. He said that she would create a great education system and empower parents while promoting conservative values.

Trump has endorsed Kari Lake, the other candidate running for the post in the Republican camp. She has centered her campaign on one point, that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump.

The absurd claims were outright rejected by the present governor Doug Ducey, who is not in the running this time for being time-barred. Other members of the Republican Party have also not endorsed the viewpoint of Lake and her constant harping on that absurd theme had earned her the nickname, ‘Fake Lake. Gov. Ducey has told Dana Bash that Lake was misleading voters, and she had no evidence backing her.

Mike Pence Had Refused To Side With Trump During The January 6 Riots

Mike Pence had a crucial role to play during the January 6 riots as he chose not to back Trump’s claim and had stood his ground even in the face of overwhelming pressure.

Committee hearings have detailed how the then president had whipped up hostility towards his vice-president for refusing to overturn the presidential election results.

Mike Pence refused to halt the certification of Joe Biden’s victory and in the eyes of his President, Pence had caved into the opposition. The mob backed by Trump had even planned to kill Pence to reinstate Trump as the president on that day.

The mob was also on the lookout for Nancy Pelosi with the intent of murdering her. Mike Pence was whisked away by his security entourage minutes before the mob overwhelmed the Capitol.