The Number Of States Sending Stimulus Checks Stands At 14

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

With the embers of the fourth stimulus check cold, people have given up hoping for further stimulus checks from the federal administration. Biden is fighting to retain control over Congress with the midterms right upon him. At this juncture, any hope of further direct stimulus seems pointless.

Federal lawmakers had made several proposals to help out citizens and prevent them from being overwhelmed by the record inflation. But their actions have remained confined to the corridors of Washington. Any further move will require the cooperation of the Senate and the Republicans, despite holding onto 50% of the seats, continue to have an iron grip on Democratic Senator Manchin.

States Move Ahead To Give Stimulus Checks To Residents

It is the states that are gradually getting into the act and close to a third of the total states have moved in to protect their residents through stimulus checks from their funds. It has helped that they have a surplus budget to fall back on and funds from the federal government given under the American Rescue Plan Act signed by President Biden in March 2021.

Thus, the states would not need to look for additional funds. They have gone for direct and immediate stimulus support for their residents and have withdrawn plans to go about it the indirect way, like through rebates or withdrawal of gas taxes.

Maine and New Mexico were the first off the mark with their direct stimulus payments. While Maine announced an $850 stimulus check for all residents earning below a certain amount, New Mexicans can expect a month’s checks over 3 months.

California is the latest to come up with direct stimulus checks. They have withdrawn proposals to give a gas card or a transit card and have now given a more generous offer that could bring a three-member family as much as $1,050.

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