Mike Pence Continues To Insist On Elections Being Unfair

Mike Pence
mike pence

Donald Trump may have lost the recent presidential elections but his false claims remain robustly uttered, as proven by former Vice President Mike Pence’s words. His op-ed speech against the first House Resolution of the new government has brought up yet again the disproven theory that the recent elections were unfair.

Popularly known as “the Big Lie” now, it refers to former President Donald Trump’s claims of how the election had been stolen from him. This had led to a riot ransacking Capitol Hill for the first time in independent America’s history.

Mike Pence’s History With The Claims

Trump had also publicly spoken against his Vice President after Mike Pence had refused to overturn the electoral results. This had led to Trump supporters chanting for the hanging of Pence. Pence had to be escorted out under heavy security.

The first House Resolution seeks to introduce an easier and more transparent process of voter registration. This would ideally ensure that the events of the recently concluded elections can never be repeated. Mike Pence, however, thinks otherwise. This goes to show how Pence remains a faithful member of Trump’s party even after being ostracized by the former President.

Of course, Pence’s basis for the claims remains the same as those of Trump – rumors, and concerns. They lack any factual evidence. Thus far, the claims have been disproven and rejected by the Press, multiple courts as well as Trump’s electoral chief. Statements made by every investigation so far on those claims state that the elections had not been unfair by any means.

The fact, as it stands thus far, is that the false allegations spread around for months by the Trump electoral campaign are still being faithfully pronounced. The recent fiery night at Capitol Hill does not seem to have been consequential enough to have persuaded Mike Pence from continuing the lie.

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