Millie Bobby Brown Says Romance Humiliated Her

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown has taken to reflecting on her relationships that have been”unhealthy” relationship with Hunter Ecimovic, the TikToker. The star from “Stranger Things” and her romance involving Hunter came to be known by the public following his offensive statements regarding the actress. He claimed that he was grooming Millie Bobby Brown. When their relationship took place, Millie was only 16 while Hunter was 20 years old.

In speaking to Allure, the actress said their dynamic was an “unhealthy situation,” one that she “walked away” from. However, about six months later, Hunter discusses very intimate details of their romance. 

Millie Bobby Brown Talks About The Unhealthiness

She explained that the relationship had made her feel extremely vulnerable. Furthermore, she did not have anyone on the filming set that was privy to her situation. As such, it felt nice when she was able to simply deal with the issue by herself without letting anyone else know. However, once it became public knowledge, things became much tougher.

By the time things became public, Millie Bobby Brown was already with Jake Bongiovi, her present boyfriend. She claims she has been helped towards healing a ton by him.

She further explained to the publication how she felt extremely powerless and without control in the face of such public humiliation. As such, she felt empowered when she was able to walk away with the knowledge that she deserves every bit of praise and that her former boyfriend failed to snatch anything away from her. For Millie Bobby Brown, it made her feel like her life finally entered a new chapter and the old one had ended which was far too long.

She finally added that at the end of the day, all she wanted to achieve through her career is helping young girls as well as young people in general, since she knows that they experience such things as well. She admits to not being a perfect person who starts in the TV series and is a face for products for skin care. She admits to making wrong decisions.