Johnson And Johnson Coronavirus Vaccine Receives The Approval Of The FDA

Johnson and Johnson
Johnson and Johnson

The coronavirus vaccine of the commercial brand, Johnson and Johnson, has received approval from the required officials. Unlike others, their vaccine is a “single-dose” one. They got the approval this Saturday. It was the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America to do so.

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is the third coronavirus vaccine to make its way to the commercial market of the country. It took a day for the authorities to grant their approval. The entire process of approval involved the unanimous voting of the committee related to biological products.

Johnson And Johnson’s Vaccine Is A Single-Shot One

A statement was given by Janet Woodcock with regard to the feasibility of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The commissioner of the FDA’s statement was released on the official website of the agency. It said that there had been a transparent process of review with regard to the three vaccines that got the agency’s approval.

Johnson and Johnson made the official announcement of the effectivity of the single-dose vaccine in the month of February 2021. They had performed a clinical trial globally before making their claims. According to them, the vaccine is 66% effective in protecting a human body against the coronavirus. Following that, the company requested the FDA to grant them their authorization. It was done through an application.

The FDA granted authorizations to two companies. They include the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccine. The approval was granted in the month of December. Those two were put into use just two days after the authorization was granted.

According to sources, the effectivity of the Moderna vaccine is 94% and that of the Pfizer vaccine is 95%. As for the vaccine of Johnson and Johnson, it is also known as the “Jansen COVID-19 Vaccine”.

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