Milwaukee Bucks Won Against Nets With A Staggering Fourteen Point Lead

Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo got fifteen rebounds along with thirty-three points on his return to the court as Milwaukee Bucks extended their unbeaten run to fifteen matches. There is no stopping the Milwaukee Bucks. They are currently on a roll with fifteen straight wins in the competition.

Jrue Holiday got fourteen points and eight assists for the Milwaukee Bucks. They went ten to nil February and are currently holding the best record in NBA surpassing Boston Celtics. Now Giannis is back in the squad, and they have got their full squad strength back, who are going to stop them?

Brook Lopez and Khris Middleton showed amazing performances in the match and helped Milwaukee to keep Brooklyn at bay with forty-two points in the second half points alone. They are dealing with the Nets in their third straight loss.

Milwaukee Bucks Dominated Brooklyn Nets:

Bucks coach said that the players adjusted well to the team. He said that the challenge for his team is to get the right decisions and great reads and they will be doing that more often than not from now.

Brooklyn Nets’ Bridges and Dinwiddie gave stunning performances and yet fell short of winning the game. Nets coach said that their approach when the game was starting has been great. They even had a chance at the half time, however, they could not sustain it.

Milwaukee Bucks despite trailing by ten points at the half time went on to lead sixty-six to forty two in the 2nd half. Bridges tried to answer their runs with his 10-0 spurt and yet they were outscored by the Nets in the third.