Celtics V Bucks Faceoff At The Eastern Conference: Boston Hold Home Court Advantage


The Celtics v Bucks series in the 2nd round of their EC NBA playoffs was labeled the real Finals in NBA 2021. The Milwaukee Bucks, the last 2021 reigning champions, again confront a Finals favorite, the late-off-the-blocks Boston Celtics.

The Celtics v Bucks matchup portends to be among the hardest fought in the current playoffs. But a major aspect on the Bucks side is their injury issues. The key difference, though, is that Milwaukee has achieved its ultimate goal of winning the NBA Finals. Boston is yet to break through into the finals with the present group.

The scheduling has been released and the first Celtics v Bucks starts Sunday, 1 May at 1 pm ET.

Celtics V Bucks: History On The Side Of The Former

The Celts have a more extensive past during postseasons than the Bucks. But the teams have met up earlier in this current setup. In the Celtics, v Bucks 2018 1st round, Boston triumphed in seven games in their pre-Budenholzer period. The Bucks played tough and used hard shot-making, extending the series, though that was not enough to keep the Celtics off-board. The Bucks did not have the depth to flank Antetokounmpo and Middleton.

The Celts v Bucks rivalry continued a year later in the playoffs, round 2. The Celtics had Irving and beat the Bucks, the league leaders then. But they dropped the next 4 contests, shot out by Kyrie and the team. Milwaukee was in the EC finals but stumbled against eventual champs, Toronto Raptors.

The Celts v Bucks face-off did not take place in 2020 and the recent postseason. Over the past 4 regular seasons, the Bucks have a balanced 7-6 record vs. the Celts. This mirrors the split of their last 2 playoff showdowns. In the 21-22 season, the Celts v Bucks are equally poised at two-all. It is apparent that the teams boast a strong chance based on past results. The series promises to be hard-fought.