Mitch McConnell Mocked By President Biden For Changing Opinions

mitch mcconnell
mitch mcconnell

Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America belonging to the Democratic party, made fun of Mitch McConnell, the popular politician belonging to the Republican party. The reason for the mockery was due to the changing opinion of the minority leader of the senate with regard to the Coronavirus relief bill. The Republican leader had shown support of the bill in front of the people despite going against it. This incident took place this Wednesday.

Mitch McConnell On The Programme

President Joe Biden gave a detailed account of the conversation that took place between him and the 79-year-old Republican with regard to the subject of the said relief bill. He gave the statement while he was on his tour to the “McHenry County College” that is situated in the state of Illinois this Wednesday.

The Democratic President claimed that Mitch McConnell directly told him that he would try his best to block the economic growth program. He would make sure that the program does not get a “single vote.” The total amount of the economic growth program is 1.9 trillion USD. President Biden told this while stating sarcastically that Mitch McConnell was very fond of the program. He also urged the audience to listen to the speech that he gave where he can be seen sharing his approval for the program. The speech was given while the Republican was in the state of Kentucky. The President urged the audience to watch it on television.

The coronavirus relief bill of President Biden was passed in the month of March the same year. The total vote earned was 50-49. And like Mich McConnel had claimed, there was no single vote of approval from the senators belonging to the Republican party. The fund from the program was used in order to make the payments to the citizens of the country as well as to provide support to the states in distributing the coronavirus vaccines.