Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Not Over Her Nazi Analogies

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene

It seems like Marjorie Taylor Greene, the United States Representative belonging to the Republican Party, can never be completely done with her famous Nazi controversies. Previously she had faced harsh criticism due to her analogy of “anti-pandemic” measures and the subject of the holocaust.

The situation reached its zenith when the Republican congresswoman got a warning from Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader of the House, which is quite rare. Following this incident, she went to give a public apology that was a result of her lack of processing things. It was hard for people to get over the fact that Marjorie Taylor Greene inappropriately compared two very different things. But nobody knew that this was not the last such incident.

Marjorie Taylor Greene On Vaccines

Many people were doubtful about the Republican Congresswoman’s understanding of the situation and the effect it caused to some people. This feeling was aroused when she did not apologize for comparing the Nazi Party of Hitler to that of the ruling party of the country. However, the doubt just got confirmed. A few weeks after the incident took place. As a reply to the speech given by the acting President, Joe Biden, concerning the subject of the coronavirus vaccines, she made a similar blunder.

Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed that the vaccines that were being used in the country due to the pressure of President Biden, was not approved by the FDA. She also accused the administration of making the situation of coronavirus a “political tool.” She advocated that it was up to people to receive or reject the vaccines. And lastly, she accused the Biden administration of carrying out human experiments. This incident took place this Tuesday. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s statement followed that of President Biden. The Democratic President had promoted the idea of going “door-to-door” if the need arises in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic in the country. 

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