Mitch McConnell On The Filibuster Rule Of The Senate

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell

Earlier, Mitch McConnell, the minority leader of the US Senate, had been accused of causing very bad damage to the bipartisan cooperation that existed on the floor of the Senate. He did it by blocking a pick of Barack Obama, the former president of America, who had been approved by the Supreme court.

After doing that, the minority leader went on to hurry through the picks of another former president, Donald Trump. The total number of picks for Trump was three. Mitch McConnell recently stated that in case the Democrats happen to abolish the rule of the filibuster, the Senate’s atmosphere will be turned into some kind of nuclear winter.

Mitch McConnell’s Statement Concerning Filibuster

It was the minority leader of the Republican party himself who went on to call on the “nuclear option.” This was done in order to bring about a change in the justices of the Supreme Court rule that took place in the year 2017. Mitch McConnell attended a podcast interview that got released this Tuesday.

Currently, both the US Congress and the White House are under the control of the Democratic party. and the leaders of the party are constantly putting pressure on the leaders to work against the rule of the Senate filibuster. They want the rule to get abolished. As per the situation of the votes, there are just 41 senators out of the total number of 100 senators who are able to block the different legislation.

In the year 2010, Mitch McConnel had given a popular statement on the term of the then-president, Barack Obama. It was claimed that he wanted to ensure that the president would only stay in power for one term. He stated that it was his “chief aim.” However, in the case of Donald Trump, he resisted the calls of the White House to abolish the rules of the filibuster.

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