Mitch McConnell Targeted By Trump’s Advisers As DeSantis Feud Rumors Swirl

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell

The advisers of the former President Donald Trump think that Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Senate Majority, has a hand in the recent feud swirling between Trump and DeSantis. In the previous week, Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida had publicly criticized the coronavirus restrictions that Trump had encouraged during his presidency.

The Role Of Mitch McConnell In The Feud

DeSantis’ public remarks were irresistible for news outlets. It was a possible feud between two heavyweights in the GOP as well as two of the party’s 2024 Presidential contenders. Just a few days earlier, Trump had seemingly lashed out at DeSantis as he called politicians who did not reveal their state of vaccination as cowards.

However, neither of the camps have hinted at any sort of actual friction. Instead, the blame was on the media as they overhyped tensions. But, the advisers of Donald Trump think that Mitch McConnell is a possible hidden party in the play. Presently, McConnell and Trump are engaged in a tense battle over which direction the Republicans should head towards in the future.

The suspicions arise from the podcast, Ruthless, where DeSantis made the remarks. The host of the podcast is Josh Holmes, a longtime adviser to Mitch McConnell. For many in the camp of Trump, the whole thing seemed to be a setup. One of the topmost Trump advisers said that they liked Josh but Mitch McConnell completely owned him. So there was no way it was just a coincidence.

The adviser added that for Mitch McConnell, Ron DeSantis was by far the lesser of two evils. It would also serve as a method of annoying Donald Trump. Holmes, for his part, denied vehemently that he had any ill intentions towards Trump or even any coordination with Mitch McConnell.