Ron DeSantis Proves Why He Doesn’t Think Before He Speaks

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

As has been the norm now, the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis managed to raise some eyebrows when he made shocking statements in a press conference. In the conference, the Governor asked if people used to get screened for illness before the pandemic took place during a speech where he rallied against testing for the dreaded virus.

On Friday, DeSantis asked the press to think about it, to think if people actually got tested to find out if they were sick. Before the pandemic, the main idea would be to feel the symptoms first and then determine what had gone wrong. 

Ron DeSantis Believes Covid-19 Testing Is Ludicrous

Needless to say, such a ridiculous statement made by Ron DeSantis did incite some outrage on Twitter, with several responses pointing out preventive screenings for numerous diseases- which usually included sexually transmitted diseases and even several forms of cancer. This implied that screenings for diseases were common even in people who did not have any symptoms of the disease- long before the pandemic was even a thing to worry about. 

Interestingly, several netizens also pointed towards Ron DeSantis’ wife, Casey DeSantis, who herself tweeted last year as she advocated for preventive cancer testing- as she talked about her own diagnosis of breast cancer.

Rep. Ted Lieu, the Democratic candidate from California wrote as a response that new discoveries would lead to change in behavior. Before the fire was invented, people wouldn’t really go out and seek to boil water. Situations arose, and hence they were dealt with.

Contrary to what Ron DeSantis believes, most experts of public health have stated that regular resting of Covid-19 would definitely help in stemming the spread of the virus by allowing most individuals with asymptomatic infections to isolate themselves. 

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