Cole Beasley On Covid-19 Reserve List Will Not Play The Patriots

Cole Beasley
Cole Beasley

On Tuesday, Cole Beasley became the 5th player to contract Covid-19. He will be unable to play against the Patriots this Sunday. Cole Beasley will be on the bench for ten days. 

Tuesday evening, Cole Beasley, unvaccinated, uploaded an Insta post informing that he had mild symptoms but was feeling alright. 

The match against the New England Patriots will finally decide who will lead the AFC East race. The playoffs are in three weeks. 

Cole Beasley’s Take On The Game Restrictions

Cole Beasley stated that the rules of the game are keeping him on the bench and not the virus. He said that vaccinated players with Covid get to play because they do not get tested. Beasley informed that his vaccinated friend is missing games as he has been hospitalized. He thanked his supporters in the Instagram post. 

The friend that Beasley referred to in his post is Jon Feliciano. Feliciano posted an update on Twitter saying that he had been rushed to the emergency room on Sunday. 

Last week Dion Dawkins, Aj Epenesa Feliciano, and Tyrel Dodson were added to the Covid-19 list. Epenesa missed last week’s win against the Panthers because of an ankle injury. He was listed this Monday. 

Cole Beasley does not have a problem with other players getting vaccinated. He stated that he is neither anti- nor pro- vaccinations. He is pro-choice. 

He feels uncomfortable that information is being kept from players to make them do certain things.