Mitt Romney Censure Vote Fails As He Gets Booed

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

The resolution required for censuring Mitt Romney, GOP Senator, because he gave two votes for convicting Donald Trump, former President of the US failed on Saturday. The senator instead got rounds of boos at the organizing convention of the Republican Party of Utah. This is a clear indication of the frustration and anger that has culminated among the core activists of the party about the frequent criticisms of Mitt Romney and Trump’s impeachment throughout the presidency of Romney. 

According to a spokesman of the Republican Party of Utah, Lynda Cox, the vote did not manage to get cleared by 711-798. One party delegate belonging to Davis County submitted the resolution required for censoring Mitt. Don Guyman was reportedly rife with conspiracy theories, which remain unproven, about Joe Biden, the current President of the US and the President’s family. The resolution contained languages that indicated that Senator Mitt Romney consistently criticized Donald Trump publicly. It also showed how the comments of Mitt Romney not only hurt the reelection of President Trump, but also the reelection of other Republicans

Treatment Of Mitt Romney Revealed The Fractures Inside The GOP

While the vote required to censure him failed, the treatment of Romney on Saturday showed once again the fractures that are in place inside the GOP regarding the former President’s legacy and sway over his party’s future. Mitt Romney spoke to the crowd about how he is the type of person who says what comes to his mind and doesn’t hide his bitterness towards the character issues of President Donald Trump. However, all the members present among the audience booed Romney with such a loud intensity that he had to stop the speech he was delivering. He stood in silence and waited for the crowd to come to peace.