The Only Difficult Phase Any Man Has To Go Through, Joe Jonas Nailed It

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas’s impromptu wedding at Los Angeles Chapel is known worldwide. Even though his own mother wasn’t invited, she got to know him the day after the wedding. He recalls the time when he has to go through ‘boot camp’ to marry the love of his life. And it was the most difficult job he has done in his life.

Joe Jonas Spoke Gibberish To Sophie Turner’s Father

 The couple got married in 2019 in May. And a month later they married again in France with family and friends. Joe Jonas shared his side of the story of asking his wife for marriage on On Air With Ryan Seacrest’s podcast. He was accompanied by Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas.

Joe Jonas now a father of two, had a difficult time with his kids’ grandfather. He mumbled when he got the chance to ask Sophie Turner’s father Andrew Turner to marry her.

Like every other guy he lined up the words and it all came out wrong, but her father did get the idea of what Joe Jonas was trying to do. And in his own words ‘luckily it went well’.With all the mumbling he was able to convey the wish he had and lowkey nailed it.

Something like this also happened to Kevin and Nick Jonas. Kevin’s proposal ring was stuck in his pocket, which Joe Jonas made fun of. He is always in the mood for jokes especially when it comes to his siblings. Where Nick Jonas gained courage from a ‘liquid’ substance.

Sophie Turner also said the proposal from Jonas was one of the achievements she had in her life. Finally, she found her person and could have a home of her own. Joe Jonas, who always appears to be a cheeky and hilarious dude, was nervous when his second child was born.