Kamala Harris To Lead The National Space Council

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The administration of Joe Biden will maintain and administer the National Space Council while Kamala Harris, Vice President will chair the council. This news comes according to the senior officials in the administration. This will add one more item and agenda to the portfolio of the Vice President. 

On More Item Added To The Vast Portfolio Of Kamala Harris

On Saturday, Kamala Harris confirmed this new role of hers. She tweeted that in her country when they aim for the land of the moon, they don’t quit until they put their flag on its surface. She feels honored for being chosen to lead the country’s council of National Space. A senior official of the administration stated that Harris is set for putting her own amazing and personal stamp on it. The official also listed the personal priorities of Kamala Harris as advancing norms that introduce responsible behaviors and peace in the space, supporting the development of workforce diversity and commercial activity in the space sustainably, cybersecurity, and STEM education, among others. 

The council was formerly led by the predecessor of Harris, Mike Pence, former Vice President during the administration of Donald Trump. The council was revived by Donald Trump, former President of the United States, by executive order in 2017. He also wanted to add another sixth branch to the US armed services, called the “Space Force”. The current administration declared that the council will be operating under the same order issued by Trump in 2017. The current administration has not made its decision regarding changes that need to be made in the council. The administration and Kamala Harris intend to inspect and review it later. The recent iteration will be assisting the President to generate policies and strategies if the national space.