Molly Seidel Settles For Bronze

Molly Seidel
Molly Seidel

Molly Seidel has won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. She won the medal in the Women’s Marathon. The event was a unique one and it witnesses an unusual sight. It saw fans inside the premises and all of them cheered loud for the athletes. This act certainly bolstered the athlete and inspired them to perform better. Seidel finished with bronze as the gold was claimed by Kenya’s Peres Jeffchirchir. It is a very common sight nowadays to see Kenyans dominate the marathon. 

Molly Seidel Finishes Third In Women’s Marathon

The event was started almost an hour before its scheduled start. This was done to give respite to the athlete from the scorching heat. The event was executed in great spirit. However, once again the Kenyan dominance was pretty much evident. Two of the top three were from Kenya. Perez Jeffchirchir won the gold while Brigid Kosgei won the silver medal.

In what seemed to be a marvelous display of marathon running Molly Seidel surprised everyone. She was more a newcomer to the marathon event. But she executed her run brilliantly to clinch third place. 

The change in timing was welcomed by all the athletes. However, the American Seidel said she was having her dinner. When she heard the news of the event preponed, she immediately retired to bed. 

Despite the change of venue, it was of little help. The temperatures soared to 77degrees. It only got worse with time. As the event drew to a close the temperature was an extreme 86 degrees. The humidity did not do justice either. The percentage of moisture was recorded at 65%. Almost fifteen competitors could not compete due to heat. 

Molly Seidel was overjoyed with her achievement. This was dream come true moment for her. She stayed focused amidst the heat and clinched the moment. This was only Seidel’s third appearance in a marathon.