Money Heist’s Final Season Is Finally Here

money heist
money heist

The 1st Part of Season 5 of Money Heist has already arrived on Netflix on 3rd September. If you are one of the many fans who can’t wait to watch it, then here is a short recap of where the series had left off.

So Far On Money Heist

The second volume is scheduled to arrive before 2021 ends. Money Heist’s first 4 seasons are one of the most-watched shows. Season 4’s end was a cliff-hanger. The main plot is Alvaro Morte’s Professor coordinating a group of bank robbers to rob a bank.

For those who will be first-time watchers, the robber group has the name of cities – Berlin, Oslo, Helsinki, Rio, Nairobi, Denver, Moscow, and Tokyo. In the beginning two seasons, the group was seen successfully carrying out a heist in the Royal Mint of Spain.

Tokyo (played by Ursula Corbero) is the narrator in every season. It has not been explained why it is so. So leave it to the fans to theorize about the direction. One of the theories speculates that Tokyo is perhaps the only remaining member alive who was in the band.

Whenever the gang conducts a robbery, they always wear masks inspired by the works of Salvador Dali. Presently, the Professor is coordinating the 2nd heist with his gang. Last season, Nairobi had been killed, and this heist is in honor of the lost member. So far Oslo, Nairobi, Moscow, and Berlin have lost their lives.

The most hated villain in the Netflix series is Arturo Roman (Arturito). He was Spain’s Royal Mint’s Director and is now a public speaker. An ex-police inspector named Raquel Murillo switched sides to join the gang. Her nickname is Lisbon. She is the love interest of the Professor as well.

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