Keanu Reeves Gets Special B’Day Tweets From Marvel

keanu reeves
keanu reeves

Sometimes mistakes are made unintentionally. But there are times when mistakes are made knowing what kind of responses they will get. Marvel Picture’s birthday tweet for Keanu Reeves is possibly the latter one.

Is Keanu Reeves Joining Marvel?

On Thursday morning, Marvel UK wished the popular actor Keanu Reeves on his 57th birthday. They were not alone, as many other fans and celebrities also did the same. But something stood out. The birthday post was deleted shortly afterward. As a result, fans started speculating as to why Marvel would do this.

Keanu Reeves has no association with any Marvel production, yet. However, there have been rampant rumors that Reeves and Marvel might be working together and could feature in an upcoming offering. As a result, the post ceased to be a simple tweet wishing “happy birthday”.

So far, theories by fans include Keanu Reeves playing roles such as Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and Namor. Several other characters feature as well, all of whom are yet to debut in the MCU. The signing is even more likely as X-Men is expected to be officially introduced into the MCU in the coming years. Consequently, if Keanu Reeves is joining Marvel, this would be the best time for it.

Then again, the fans of MCU do not need much to get excited. Years of easter-egg hunting keeps them always on the lookout for the smallest hints regarding a dream casting happening in reality. As such, the magical act of the birthday message has definitely attracted the keen senses of the MCU Twitterati.

Keanu Reeves being signed by the MCU has been going on for some time now. Kevin Fiege, one of the bosses of the MCU, had not completely rejected the idea as well.