Montana Love Victorious Over Ivan Baranchyk With A Brutal Knockdown

montana love
montana love

Montana Love, the local favorite, enjoyed the passion being shown by his Cleveland fans. He scored a decisive win against Ivan Baranchyk in a fight that was brutal and could have gone either way.

Montana Love Had The Final Hit

The shot that finished it all was landed by Montana Love in the dying minutes of the 7th round. A left uppercut crushed Baranchyk sending the former champion of the IBD tumbling onto the floor. Ivan did manage to survive and keep fighting till the bell rang. However, his corner had no intention of letting the fight continue, requesting the contest to be stopped. As a result, Montana Love came out the winner on the virtue of a TKO.

After the fight at the Fieldhouse in Rocket Mortgage, Montana Love shouted his gratitude for the support he had always been shown there. He said that he was feeling amazing, and very emotional. Winning a fight in his hometown was like his dream coming true.

When the fight started, Baranchyk was the one throwing the punches. He was marching across and came after Montana Love with heavy and big punches. But Love’s dancing was too skillful to let Ivan connect. On the other hand, Love managed to catch Ivan when he came forward since Ivan’s moves were all about power.

When the 2nd round ended, Love was dodging his opponent’s punches and firing back some of his own, using consistent combinations. However, in the 3rd round, Baranchyk managed to clip Love let him unleash a volley of punches. Love managed to stay standing, but he took a serious amount of damage. At the final moments of the round, Love rattled Ivan with a rapid left, leaving Ivan wobbly. Love took full advantage of that, and in the 7th round, Ivan was desperately and recklessly throwing punches.