Both Taty Castellanos And Girona Make Champion League History

Taty Castellanos

On an embarrassing night for the European champions, the City Group striker scored against Real Madrid a total of four times, ripping the latter’s defenses to pieces. However, in the Champion League, Erling Haaland is not competing.

Valentin Taty Castellanos scored four goals against Real Madrid in a famous 4-2 La Liga win, setting a clarion call for Madrid, 11 points adrift of Barcelona, the leaders. The system was considered a shocking loss.

Robert Lewandowski and Esteban Echevarria are the only players to score four times in one game competing against Real Madrid. Seeing history, we can consider both Castellanos and Haaland as gifted players who could help Manchester City. Madrid’s defense strategy was exposed by Girona’s team as quick-thinking tactics.

However, Taty Castellanos had his best performance of his entire career against Girona, as he faced up against seasoned club star Cristhian Stuani whose age is 36. The age of Taty Castellanos is 24.

Fate Of Taty Castellanos

The very first half witnessed Castellanos scoring three goals. It was pathetic to find Militao lost his concentration. Even Girona’s wingers and full-backs tormented the full-backs Carvajal and Nacho. However, we saw an unfit Eduardo Camavinga taking the place of defender Nacho due to Yan Couto. But it was an amazing moment to see Vinicius Junior. He scored the first goal for Madrid, making it 2-1. It was continuously 7 years for Vinicius Junior to be with the team.

Before May 6, there are Copa del Rey final against Osasuna and the initial encounter with Pep Guardiola’s city. Madrid must finish two league games. 

Despite not being in a glorious race and losing to Villarreal, the team has maintained its confidence and is trying its best to perform in all challenges.

This effort and outcome, according to Carlo Ancelotti, who is the coach, were “inexplicable.” He is perfect at managing his team and also a talented tactician who can deal with another bizarre outcome.