Morgan Wallen’s Son Gets Attacked By A Dog

Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen’s family dog attacked and bit the two-year-old on Sunday. Forcing Morgan Wallen to transport him to the hospital’s emergency room. Indigo, the famous child, needed sutures after being bitten by KT Smith‘s dog, which is owned by the celebrity child. On Monday, Morgan Wallen announced the news and explained how the toddler would be fine on her Instagram story. Smith told her 396,000 Instagram followers, “He bit Indigo in the face yesterday and [Indigo] had to have sutures and we spent the morning at an emergency room.”

Morgan Wallen Rushed His Son To The ER

The question regarding the dog’s life is always asked after checking to make sure the child is okay. After attacking a person, dogs are frequently put to death.

Legend, a Great Pyrenees that Smith adopted in April 2022, and Smith both “kind of saved each other,” according to Smith at the time. 

Since then, we’ve been exploring alternatives because, as she put it, “I just couldn’t bring myself to do what everybody else says and what you are supposed to do, allegedly – what the world tells you to do is put the dog down because they are aggressive.” 

Smith added that although she’s “gone back and forth with that,” her dog “does not need this since he is beautiful and could do exceptionally well with a family who doesn’t have small children.”

She did confirm that she would be getting rid of Legend, saying, “I’m bringing Indigo back home the following day and he needs to be removed by then and I can’t put him down either since I said he isn’t deserving of that either.”