Markwayne Mullin Is Safe And Heading For The States

Markwayne Mullin
Markwayne Mullin

The Republican representative of Oklahoma, Rep. Markwayne Mullin, has been reported safe and is on his way back home. He was previously declared missing as he was on a trip to rescue fellow Americans trapped in Afghanistan. On Tuesday night, neither Oklahoma’s delegation nor the leadership of the House Republicans had any information about the status of Mullin- but he then went on to post an update on Instagram explaining why he had gone off the radar.

Markwayne Mullin Has Finally Returned Home 

In a morning post on Wednesday, Rep. Markwayne Mullin stated that he was coming home. He had been assisting in getting Americans out of Afghanistan, and for a period of time, he had to go dark because it wasn’t safe for communications. The representative then went on to criticize the President of the United States on his handling of the evacuation of American citizens as well as their allies from the Taliban while the U.S Army withdrew- something that left almost 100 Americans stranded. 

In his post, Markwayne Mullin stated that the Biden administration had been lying to the American public about the stranded citizens left behind. Meredith Blanford, the communications director of Mullin, stated that the representative was never in a lot of danger. In his statement, he mentioned that the Congressman was currently completely safe. He, along with the Office of Second District of Oklahoma, according to the statement made by Blanford, would be working to bring home the stranded Americans that President Biden had abandoned. 

According to a report by Washington Post, Markwayne Mullin had landed in Tajikistan while moving to Afghanistan where he ran into a spot of bother while trying to procure a large sum of cash to get into Afghanistan. The plan of the Congressman was to hire a chopper that would enter Afghanistan and rescue five American citizens- four children and their mother. Interestingly, the Congressman had also threatened the ambassador and his staff when he was told no. 

According to a statement by an administration official, Markwayne Mullin had previously tried to travel in Afghanistan, but the Pentagon had denied his request. 

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