Netflix Movie The Dig Gives A Captivating Portrayal Of History

The Dig
The Dig

The latest movie on Netflix, The Dig, stuns the audience with its beautiful narrative and extraordinary visuals. The film is directed by Simon Stone and the screenplay writer is Moira Buffini. The film is based on the novel by John Preston. The book, which has the same name, was released in 2007.

The beauty of the film lies in its incredible way of story-telling that gives us a chance to have a peek at the time of impending world war. Based on the time of 1939, it reimagines the true events of archaeological discoveries in England’s Sutton Hoo.

The Story Of The Dig

The story of The Dig moves around Edith Pretty played by Carey Mulligan. Edith summons Basil Brown to examine by digging a few mounds at her property. As Edith has an intuition about underlying secrets below the mounds, the film moves with a slow but captivating pace. Basil, an amateur archaeologist, tries his best to venture into the probable secrets. The film grabs the attention of the viewers very easily as along with the characters we start to become curious about the upcoming events. While Edith and Basil are obsessed in their quest for history, Edith’s son Robert gazes at the stars with the hope of a future in his eyes.

A Visual Treat 

Cinematographer Mike Eley creates magic on the screen with his amazing craftsmanship. Eley gives long tracking shots with mesmerizing frames of England’s countrysides. The director of photography succeeds in creating a beautiful phenomenon of history throughout the total 112 minutes of the film.

The film speaks of a time when the world was torn in the tension of the upcoming war. The plot slowly glides along, appreciating the labor and importance of archeology. The Dig succeeds in holding the viewers’ attention and leading them to an incredible story of the past.

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