Vaccine Mandates Introduced In Most Parts Of The Country


The spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus is gaining momentum across the United States of America. The cases have gone up by 170%. And this took place just within two weeks. Following the accelerated rise in the number of infections, a set of vaccine mandates have been introduced all across America. The Veterans Affairs Department made an announcement with regard to the new mandates. As per the announcement, a certain number of frontline workers are to be vaccinated within the coming two months. The announcement was made on the 26th of July.

Vaccine Mandate Details

Joe Biden, the President announced that it was imperative for all the doctors in the veteran department to get vaccinated as a part of the newly introduced vaccine mandate. The announcement was given from his Oval Office. The people who are fully vaccinated have not even reached 50%. However, gradually, most of the hospitals are introducing the strict policy of allowing only those who have been completely inoculated. If the workers fail to comply with the vaccine mandates then they will be facing termination.

Similar policy changes have been introduced in the local government at all levels. The same has been stated in the city of San Francisco, a city situated in the state of California. As per the guidelines, the employees who work in the city will have to be inoculated to continue working within the city area. This Monday California too issued a similar vaccine mandate. As per the guidelines, the employees who are working under the state will have to show the vaccination documents. If one is unable to do so then they will have to carry out a coronavirus test. This rule is to be followed from the 2nd of August.