Nolan Arenado To Move Towards Cardinals From Rockies

Nolan Arenado
Nolan Arenado

All-Star batsman Nolan Arenado is going to be acquired by the St. Louis Cardinals in a trade. The trade has been approved by the players’ union and MLB but it is yet to be finalized. Nolan is the winner of Gold Glove eight times. Arenado’s contract has been fixed for $35 million per year from 2021 to 2024. However, the price will be $32 million in 2025 and $27 million for the year 2026.

The contract includes a provision of no-trade that will require his consent for any project. Arenado can make changes in his contract which would need approval from the players’ association.

The Relation Between The Rockies And Nolan Arenado Snaps

Nolan Arenado who is famous for his batsmanship is often compared with legends like Larry Walker, Troy Tulowitzki, and Todd Helton. Arenado undoubtedly has been a treasure to the Rockies. After the departure of Arenado, the Rockies is again taking preparation to build a strong team and regain its reputed title. Now the team has to focus again on the strength of the team without their best player.

The Rockies is still considered to be lacking in its potential of players, leadership, and strategy. It is quite behind the teams like San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Arenado accepted the huge contract which extended later and also obtained assurance of a seemingly competitive payroll. 

Nolan had expressed his feeling of disconnection from the club and also promised to give his entire commitment to his future club.

It is reported that Nolan Arenado is likely to play another season for Colorado Rockies. Due to the pandemic, many games were canceled and Arenado had played in 48 games. The sports lovers enthusiastically look forward to his performance in a  distinguished club such as the Cardinals.