MRO Has Been Given A Rating Of Hold By Siebert Williams Shank


The stocks of MRO have their ratings downgraded by a few analysts that have been working on the stocks according to Siebert Williams Shank. The rating has been reduced from buy to hold, with the note sent out to clients last Thursday. Currently, the company has a price target of $12, which is indicative of an annual growth rate of 3.18% from the previous close of MRO. 

The Stock Commentary of MRO

There have been quite a few research equities that have already commented on the stocks of MRO. Wells Fargo & Company has gone in an upward direction with a rating increased from equal weight to overweight, along with a price rating of $11 in a 16th December research note. Scotiabank has reaffirmed their rating of sector perform along with a price target of $7 in a 19th November research note.

Tudor Pickering has also increased the rating of the company from hold to buy in a 7th December research note. Citigroup has a price objective increased from $6 to $9 in a 13th January research note. Mizuho Securities has been the last company to increase the price rating of MRO from neutral to buy, along with a price objective which was increased from $6 to $11, in a 12th January research note. 

Four of the investment analysts have already issued the stocks of MRO with a rating of sell, while eleven of them have issued a rating of hold. Nine other analysts have provided the company with a rating of buy. Currently, the average rating of the company is hold, with a $7.74 price target. 

The shares of MRO traded on Thursday at $11.3. The moving average price of the company is $8.85 over 50 days, while the moving average price of the company over 200 days is $6.25. The debt-to-equity ratio is 0.50, with a 1.23 current ratio. 

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