SNOW Has Been Issued A Rating Of Neutral By The Goldman Sachs Group


The stocks of SNOW have been issued a rating of neutral by analysts working at The Goldman Sachs Group, which was published in a research report last Thursday. According to the report, the company currently has a price target of $270, which has been reduced from a previous price target of $310. This is indicative of an annual growth rate of about 9.53%. 

The Stock Commentary Of SNOW

There are quite a number of research equities that have commented on the stocks of SNOW. Citigroup has been one of the first research equities to reduce the price target of the company from a sum of $325 to $295, along with a price target of neutral which was issued in a Thursday research report. Zacks Investment Research has also reduced the rating of the company from a rating of buy to hold, in a 6th February research report.

DA Davidson has increased the price target from a sum of $300 to a sum of $340, along with a rating of buy in a 3rd December research note. Canaccord Genuity has reiterated their rating of hold with a price target of $275, which would be applied in a 2nd December research report. 

Two of the investment analysts who have commented on the stocks have given it a rating of sell, while fifteen of them have provided the company with a rating of hold. Eight other investment analysts have provided the stocks with a rating of buy. Currently, SNOW has a hold rating with a $287.16 price target. 

The stocks of SNOW previously released their earnings report on the 2nd of March. The EPS reported by the company was $0.70, which comprehensively beat out the consensus estimate of $0.17. The revenue generated by the company over the quarter was $190.50 million, which was more than the estimate set by analysts at $178.64 million.

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