MU Expected To Post $5.73 Billion In Quarterly Sales By Analysts


Micron Technology (NASDAQ: MU) is expected to report $5.73 billion as quarterly sales by equities analysts for this current quarter.7 analysts have estimated the earnings of the company with the highest estimate being $5.75 billion and the lowest estimate being $5.72 billion. The company reported $5.14 billion in sales last year in the same quarter which suggests a positive 11.5% Y-O-Y growth rate.

The firm will most probably announce the net report of its earnings on January 7th, Thursday. On average, the company’s stock is expected to post $24.17 billion in sales for a full year by the analysts, the range of estimates being from $23.25bn – $25.39bn. For the upcoming year, analysts estimate the firm to post $29.79 billion in sales with the range of estimates being from $26.64 bn – $32.90 bn. The sales averages of Zacks Research are averages based on the survey conducted by analysts covering the firm.

Transactions Of MU Stock

MU opened on Friday at $70.58.The company has $31.13 as its 52-week low and $74.61 as its 52-week high. The company has $78.83 billion in market capitalization, a 29.78 P/E ratio, a 1.83 P/E/G ratio, and a 1.37 beta. The firm has 0.16 as the ratio between debt and equity, a 1.86 quick ratio, and a 2.71 current ratio. The company’s moving average for 50 days is $65.46 and the company’s moving average for 200 days is $53.23.

MU manufactures, sells, and designs storage and memory products worldwide. It operates through its four segments: Unit of Mobile Business, Unit of Storage Business, Unit of Embedded Business, and Unit of Networking, and Computer Business. It offers storage and memory technologies, including XPoint 3D, NAND, NOR, and DRAM memory inside the Crucial and Micron brands. It also offers storage and memory technologies through many private labels.