MyKayla Skinner Ends Her Gymnastics Career With Unlikely Silver Medal At Olympics 2021

MyKayla Skinner
MyKayla Skinner

Walking off from the competition a week ago, in the 2021 Olympics, MyKayla Skinner believes that her career in gymnastics was over. It was an emotional affair complete with tears and followed by a farewell post over Instagram a few hours after. The gymnast was preparing to take the flight home on the night of Tuesday when there was a text that requested a change of her plans. 

Simone Biles had decided to withdraw from the finals and exhibited serious concerns about her capacity to be able to participate in the finals of the event. Before the end of the night, Biles made deliberate requests for someone to make contact with MyKayla Skinner on an immediate basis.

This made MyKayla Skinner stay for participating on behalf of Biles in case the need arises. Although unsure of whether she would have to participate, the athlete made her best attempts to prepare for the competition and re-enter the mindset of winning, irrespective of the uncertainty. It was on Saturday that Biles finally confirmed that Skinner would have to substitute her in the finals.

MyKayla Skinner And Her Tearful Goodbye To Gymnastics

It has been a week since MyKayla Skinner retired. However, despite all the improbabilities and the unlikeliest of circumstances, she is now a silver medalist in the Olympics. She considers it an honor to be allowed to replace Biles in the finals and have a chance at winning the medal. The 24-year-old MyKayla Skinner has had an agonizing path in her career. She missed on making it to the 2016 team of the Olympics by a very narrow margin. She was present as an alternate to the final five players who got to participate in the competition. She finally got the opportunity and ended her career on a note that can be said to be the most fitting.