Bolsonaro Supporters Of Brazil Copied The USA

Bolsonaro Supporters

 The United States former president Donald Trump support should immediately file a complaint against Bolsonaro supporters, they copied their riot in the tropical country. The identical incident took place at the National Congress building and other government buildings in the capital. And the mob was the supporters of the President who was elected by the right-wing former Jair Bolsorano.

Is The Former President Provoking Bolsonaro Supporters?

Former president Jair Bolsonaro’s loyalty will be tested by the recent President of the left-wing feels so. The exact same scenario took place at the Capitol U.S. on 6th January 2021. However, in the process of saving himself he doesn’t ‘support’ the act of violence, and what Bolsonaro supporters did, is a shameful act and must be condemned. The security of the presidential palace was threatened by the Bolsonaro Supporters.

They vandalized the property. More or less 3000 people commit the crime and 400 were arrested.CCTV footage was discovered, and everyone will be charged. They broke the windows to make an entrance into the palace. The place was vacated before the mob attack, the army was caught off guard. The newly elected president Lula immediately responded to his disgust. And this disgraceful act won’t be spared whatsoever. This is not what democracy taught us to be, free expression and speech also have boundaries and everyone needs to respect that.

Bolsorano himself despised the total brutality and trespassing. The Bolsonaro supporters were strongly advised to do so, some politicians viewed this as an act of provoking. And following Lula’s tweets Bolsonaro tried to save his back with very slim chances. And called Lula’s allegation false there is no such ‘proof’ of his involvement.

The US president Joe Biden called the situation outrageous, he faced the same so he could relate entirely. And this is not the right to be heard, the violence is never the medium to prove the point at all.