Nancy Pelosi And The Democrats Call On President Biden To Extend Ban On Eviction

nancy pelosi
nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House along with other Democratic leaders of the House called upon the administration led by President Biden to extend the eviction moratorium of the nation on an immediate basis. The argument was placed calling the extension a “moral imperative” to stop the Americans from getting removed from their homes while there is a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases.

It was estimated that nearly 3.6 million Americans have been identified with a risk of getting evicted.  

According to Nancy Pelosi, action is imminent and imperative from the end of the Administration because of the humane nature of the scenario. Furthermore, the number of cases in the COVID-19 Delta variant is on the rise, and putting millions of Americans at risk of exposure to the deadly virus is an immoral act.

Nancy Pelosi Steps Up To Help Americans At Risk Of Being Evicted

Nancy Pelosi urged the Democrats of the House to check the manner as to how the money which was already allocated for aid towards the landlords and the Americans for rent had so far been distributed in their respective states and the localities. Nancy Pelosi also mentioned that the Department of Treasury had made the offer to brief the lawmakers in the next week. The same department was also responsible for the transfer of funds earlier this year.

In late June there was a voting in the Supreme Court, the result for which was a 5-4 win. This voting resulted in the moratorium get extended to July end, at the end of which it was made clear by Justice Kavanaugh that any additional extension would be blocked unless there is a specific and clear authorization from Congress. According to the White House, the President, Joe Biden was in favor of extending the moratorium but there were concerns about the court being challenged. Challenging the court could result in a ruling that restricts the ability of the administration to respond to future crises on public health.