Jim Morrison Honored In Paris On 50th Death Anniversary

jim morrison
jim morrison

Jim Morrison, the late American singer, musician, songwriter, and poet, was celebrated on his death anniversary of fifty years. It was done in Paris, France by his fans. After fifty years of the singer, the fans from all over the world gathered at the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise. The cemetery is situated in the eastern region of Paris. That is the place where the singer of the American rock band, The Doors, is buried. Numerous fans of the singer paid tribute to the late artist by burning incense sticks and candles. Some also brought his pictures. The crowd of Jim Morrison’s fans was under the vision of the city’s police.

Jim Morrison’s Undying Fans

One of the fans of the late singer gave a heartfelt statement with regard to “The Doors”  singer. He went by the name Dugtar Platzek. He was a man of 50 years and had come from all the way to Halle in Germany. Platzek was accompanied by Mathias Barthel, one of his associates since childhood. They stated that they had come to visit the cemetery of Jim Morrison after 25 years. Platzek mentioned that the late artist and his rock band were considered to be heroes since they were just kids. He also claimed that it was his honor to be present on the 50th death anniversary of the singer in the midst of all the other fans.

The grave of Jim Morrison is changing into a pilgrimage after every passing year. The fans are not done loving the artist who rocked the world with leather pants, wavy locks, dark lyrics, the stage performance that is absolutely theatrical, and his steely gaze. The Doors band continued to be a hit from the year 1965 to 1967. The most loved tracks of the artist include Touch Me and Light My Fire.