Naomi Osaka’s Barbie Is Already Out Of Stock

naomi osaka
naomi osaka

Mattel has created a Barbie doll for Naomi Osaka, the beloved champion in tennis. The company honored her by immortalizing her using plastic. Carlyle Nuera is the designer of the Osaka doll. The doll belongs to Barbie’s line of Role Models. The line features inspiring women across the globe.

The Naomi Osaka Is In High Demand

Naomi Osaka had announced the collaboration with Mattel on her official Twitter account. She hoped that every child would be reminded of their ability to do and be anything. The Naomi Barbie wears a tennis dress from Nike which takes inspiration from her outfit in the Australian Open of 2020. The outfit has visors and shoes made of Nike and a tennis racket from Yonex. The reasoning behind not choosing one of her championship-winning outfits has not been explained, but the doll still looks amazing.

The Naomi Osaka doll does not only replicate the clothes of the tennis star. Her beauty marks and curly hair have also been recreated. Mattel has taken every pain to ensure that Naomi Osaka, the winner of four Grand Slams, is instantly recognizable. The body is also poseable and has 22 articulation points. The package also contains a stand for displaying the doll.

Designer Nuera stated that she admired Naomi Osaka’s use of her platform the most. Osaka has repeatedly talked about issues like mental health and racism. She also has a passion for philanthropy.

This is not Naomi Osaka’s first Barbie doll, however. In 2019, Mattel had made 20 dolls in their “Shero” line which they gifted to 20 gifted women. Osaka was among them. This doll will be the first one available to the general public. Unfortunately, though, the doll costing $29.99 is already out of stock on the internet. There is no information about when it will be available again.