Narendra Modi’s Grandiose State Visit To The United States Is Greeted By Biden

Narendra Modi

President Joe Biden had to make some compromises to host Indian PM Narendra Modi at the White House the previous week to visit—the highest level of diplomacy.

The West has expressed concern over Narendra Modi’s apparent march toward dictatorship despite his enormous popularity in India. He has suppressed opposition, singled out journalists, and enacted measures that certain human rights organizations claim discriminate against the Islamic community. But India, the greatest democracy in the world, and Narendra Modi, also serve as a cornerstone of Biden’s Asian policy. According to Biden, no significant global issue—from issues of climate to technological advancements—can be resolved without India’s support. There are few allies that Biden is more keen to pursue than China, especially at this time of rising clashes between China and the US.

India-USA Would Have The Defining Friendship Of This Century Says Biden To Narendra Modi

That, as per the authorities, is what led to Biden asking Modi for his third state visit to the presidency. So, this Thursday, Narendra Modi had been welcomed to the White House with all the formalities associated with American friendship. During a lavish welcoming ceremony, Biden praised the partnership between the US and India and stated that he has always believed that connections between India and the USA would be among the defining connections of this century. 

But he also wanted to emphasize how crucial shared beliefs are to the future of the partnership. Narendra Modi is hardly the first politician with authoritarian inclinations to get a White House invitation for a state visit. Furthermore, Biden is hardly the first president to support Modi. The Indian prime minister joined President Donald Trump at a sizable “Howdy Modi” gathering in Houston for people from the Indian diaspora. In Ahmedabad, Modi paid back the favor by hosting a “Namaste Trump” event in the biggest cricket stadium on earth.