Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) Shares Of 5,000 Sold By Insider


Tal Zvi Zaks is an insider of Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA). Recently on 19th May, Wednesday, he sold 5,000 MRNA shares at $155.74 EPS worth $778,700.

On Thursday, Moderna Inc. traded up at $7.98 and hit $165.97 with the market cap being $66.64 billion. They had 4,829,061 trading volumes in comparison to 11,456,525 average volumes. Their lowest in 52 weeks is $46.13 while the highest is $189.26. Their 50-day rolling average stands at $157.56 while the 200 days at $139.47. Their current, quick, and leverage ratio is 2.43, 2.43, and 0.04, respectively.

According to their 6th May report, the firm had a quarterly EPS of $2.84, topping the $2.04 consensus estimate by almost $0.80. They had a 242.73% net negative margin along with a 28.11% negative equity return. Their revenue was $1.94 billion, falling short of the $2.48 billion estimates.

Market Undertakings Of MRNA Stock

Barclays upgraded the price objective of MRNA shares to $194 from $178 and gave a rating of ‘overweight’. SVB Leerink reassigned the rating of ‘sell’. Chardan Capital lifted it to $188 from $182 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. Needham & Co reinstated the rating of ‘hold’. Piper Sandler demoted it to $231 from 234 and gave a rating of ‘overweight’. The firm has the consensus ‘hold’ recommendation with a $162.88 price objective.

Baillie Gifford and Co increased their holdings on Moderna stock by nearly 86.5% and own $5,936,980,000 worth of stock. Morgan Stanley raised their stake by roughly 41.9% and own shares priced at $1,076,775,000. Allianz Management upped their position by approximately 884.9% and own shares priced at $342,087,000. Norges Bank promoted their stake, owning $240,913,000 worth of shares. Renaissance Technologies purchased new holdings and own shares priced at $183,107,000. Institutional investors own 51.21% of Moderna stock.

Moderna Inc. is a company dealing with bio-technology. It is responsible for making vaccines based on messenger RNA for various infections and diseases.