John Tavares Carried To Hospital Following Hit In The Face

John Tavares

On Thursday, John Tavares, the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, had to be carried in a stretcher from the ice. His face was struck by a knee in the first game of the Maple Leafs playoff series with the Montreal Canadiens.

John Tavares Was Still Conscious On The Stretcher

Everyone present saw the captain thumbs-up as the stretcher carried him off Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena. He was then transported to a hospital in the locality. Sheldon Keefe, the coach of the Maple Leafs, said that John was communicating well and conscious. However, he will have to stay in the hospital for the night as more tests were needed. He added that the tests done thus far have all returned normal results.

He said that John Tavares’ departure was a huge loss for the team. However, the team has a lot of depth. So overcoming it will be on those remaining. Overcoming such difficulties is a sign of a good team. He continued that the collision had shaken him and left the players concerned and rattled.

He added that his experience did not lack tough injuries such as the one that took place. However, in a building where there is no crowd, the situation was very uncomfortable and tough.

The collision took place in the starting period when a Ben Chiarot hit sent Tavares falling to the floor. As he fell, his head was clipped by Corey Perry as he dived.

30-year-old John Tavares had movement in his limbs for the whole time. He had tried standing up, but he lost balance and fell backward. Many Montreal players, Perry included, went over and wished him well as he was being stretchered off.

Perry, who had been a teammate of Tavares on the Canadian international team, said that he was trying to jump Tavares. But he could not make it and the knee inadvertently clipped his head in the NHL match.