Nate Diaz Holds Out Till The End Once More

nate diaz
nate diaz

Over the previous five years, only one fight has been won by Nate Diaz. However, that hardly seems to matter to the fighter. On Saturday, as well, he took a pummeling until his face became horrific to look at. But Nate Diaz refused to give up.

The Immense Will Of Nate Diaz

In the UFC 263 bout against Leon Edwards, Nate Diaz failed to match up to his opponent in any facet, apart from toughness – the defining facet of Diaz. By the end of the fight, he was still there standing, unfazed and unwilling to quit. Unless he gets knocked out or a doctor stops the fight, he always makes it last for 25 rounds. And till the end, he remains a threat.

The fans of Nate Diaz undoubtedly come to watch this side of the fighter. Even if it was a one-sided expected loss, Diaz answered their expectations. He reminds one of the simpler times back when fighters were not precise machines designed to kill. Nate Diaz has a rough personality and a rough fighting style.

This is the reason behind him continuing as one of the highest all-time drawers to the box office in the UFC. He is an authentic machine for marketing that always carries out his single promise of not giving a damn.

Diaz, now 36, has been fighting since he was 19. His contract with the UFC says Nate Diaz has only one fight remaining. But, even without any wins or fights, his popularity is not fading at all. Leon Edwards might be UFC’s future, but the bank for the UFC is Diaz.

His future stories are still exciting: a potential trilogy with McGregor, a rematch with Jorge Masvidal, or perhaps a pay-per-view match with a celebrity like Jake Paul. The result was also Leon Edward’s tenth consecutive win.

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