Ron Johnson Suspended On YouTube For Posting Dubious Treatments

ron johnson
ron johnson

The popular video hosting platform YouTube suspended the account of GOP Senator Ron Johnson on Friday. Allegedly the senator had posted a video promoting dubious treatment methods for the pandemic.

Ron Johnson Caught Supporting Unproven Methods

A spokesperson from YouTube said that the video was removed as per their policies regarding the medical misinformation of Covid-19. Their policies do not allow encouraging the use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine as treatment or preventive measure for the virus.

Alexa Henning, the spokeswoman for Ron Johnson, said that the account of Johnson will have a suspension for one week. She further clarified that the posted video was a part of an event hosted virtually at the Club for Milwaukee Press.

For several months, Ron Johnson had been accused of spreading misinformation promoting anti-vaccination. He had contracted the disease in the previous fall. He had also downplayed the importance of vaccination against the pandemic. As a result, the controversial Republican from Wisconsin was opposing that guidance for public health that was trying to ease the pandemic that was ongoing.

The senator, who has served for two terms, faces re-election in the coming year. Ron Johson has downplayed the US Capitol insurrection on 6th January as well.

Last year, in July, the US FDA had revoked authorization for emergency use given to chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid-19. The agency has since said that the two drugs do not appear as effective and safe chemicals for the virus.

Johnson was angry at the suspension. He said that there are more viewpoints that should be allowed other than the ones dictated by the government. He also said that the censorship regarding Covid is an indicator of how unaccountable the platform is. He said that mainstream media and Big Tech believe themselves to know more than actual doctors.