National Popular Vote Will Signal A Return To Politics Associated With The Back Rooms

National Popular Vote

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is not really an idea to make the presidential elections a lot more democratic. Rather, it is a plot that would disenfranchise the voters who are at the state level. The District of Columbia and fifteen states have already signed on to this, which represents 195 separate Electoral College votes. The compact would be in effect when the states that represent 270 electoral votes- which would be enough to elect a new President- will have signed on. 

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact Is Simply About Voter Disenfranchisement

The lawmakers in Michigan are already considering a bill that would make the state join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact elite- which consists of Illinois, California, Rhode Island, and the other deep-blue states. The 15 electoral votes from the Great Lakes State would definitely bring the total to 210– which would be 60 away from the number that they are looking at. 

As of now, with the exception of states like Maine and Nebraska, the presidential candidate who would receive the most votes in a state would be winning the electoral vote of the state. This would ensure that an individual’s vote wouldn’t be drowned by the rest of the population. This protects the individual interests of every state- by further ensuring that the state has a voice in who they elect as the President of the country. Candidates would also find motivation to spend time campaigning in states that might not be as populous as the rest. 

If the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is set in motion, most of the states would start ignoring the wishes of the residents in favor of the rest of the country. This implies that a presidential candidate could effectively lose in a state but achieve victory in the electoral votes.

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