NBA Summer League: Scottie Barns and Jalen Green Shine

Jaylen Brown
Jaylen Brown

On Sunday, the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas saw the Oklahoma City Thunders take on the Detroit Piston. In the match, Cade Cunningham did not take long to show his potential. A couple of minutes in and he already scored a 3-pointer in open play from the corner.

Cade Cunningham Had A Mixed Start To The NBA Summer League

After the 3-pointer, he dribbled through to score another. And soon, the top overall pick for this year’s NBA draft showed just why he is at that spot. Sadly, the game’s remainder saw a reverse in his fortune. His Pistons debut ended with 2 blocks, 2 steals, 2 assists, 6 rebounds, and 12 points. However, he lost possession 5 times and scored 5 from 17. It was possibly one of his off days when most things seem to go wrong, so no one is too worried over the mediocre numbers. In fact, Cunningham pulled off some impressive moves defensively in his debut match in the NBA summer league.

Houston Green’s Jalen Green, the second pick overall, had an amazing evening. He scored 23 points in the NBA summer league match against the Cleveland Cavaliers. On top of that, he managed 2 assists, 5 rebounds, and a record of 9 from 18. He showed off his shot-making and athleticism to the fullest. His ability to score may make him a favorite for the year’s top Rookie award.

The Toronto Raptors’ Scottie Barns, the 4th pick overall also made sure to reassure the Raptors about their surprising choice. In his usual playstyle, the NBA summer league match saw him be everywhere on the court. His impact was felt in all facets. By the end, he managed 1 block, 2 steals, 5 assists, 10 rebounds, and 18 points.

The next round of the NBA Summer League will continue on 9th August, Monday.