NBA Draft 2021 Updates: Who Bagged The Spotlight?

NBA Draft 2021
NBA Draft 2021

NBA Draft 2021 has been announced. The tournament has announced its much-awaited draft recently. It was hyped up for a long time. All eyes were on the draft to see what could be the talking points. It was an intriguing affair. In an interesting turn of events, Cade Cunningham moved out of Oklahoma. He was roped in by the Detroit Pistons. The Detroit got lucky thrice in the draft. For the third year in a row, the Pistons got to choose first in the draft. 

NBA Draft 2021 Sees Cunningham As The Top Draw

Happy faces could be spotted in the Detroit team. They had roped in one of the biggest stars for this season. In the first instance they got, they went for Cunningham. He performed brilliantly for Oklahoma State. However, he will now be donning the Piston jersey from the next season. Apart from Cunningham, Evan Mobley & Jalen Green also bagged the limelight. They went for the 3rd and 2nd calls at the NBA Draft 2021.

Pistons won the lottery for the draft recently. Since then it was more or less rumored that they would go for Cunningham. The result of the draft only sealed the speculations. He became only the third athlete to get an overall reference for the No.1 spot. The previous athlete who accomplished this feat was the legendary Bob Lanier.

Cunningham is a 6’8″, sturdily built athlete. He is one of the most promising talents of the tournament. His all-around abilities include exceptional shooting, pin-point passing, and formidable defending. His only weak point is his fitness and flexibility. However, a man of his caliber is expected to catch up on the shortfalls soon. 

The Rockets also did very well in the NBA Draft 2021. They roped in Jalen Green from G-league. Josh Christopher, is a Garuba & Alperen Sengun we’re the other mentionable trades.