New AirPods Allegedly Ready to Launch, Possibly Next Month

In March, it was stated that Apple will bring out its next-generationAirPods However, it has actually not occurred, most likely due to the pandemic around. Jon Prosser, who discussed this news is enthusiastic that the new generation Apple AirPods may be showing up next month, though there is no state on the timing of it yet.

The AirPods of Apple will have a number of new functions. There is a possibility that the AirPods will have a comparable function as the Apple AirPodsPro It might not have the Active Noise Cancellation function though.

The AirPod Pro Lite earphones were discussed in a Taiwanese market publication called DigiTimes back inFebruary There were no information clearly discussed which led to individuals making 2 type of presumptions – either it is a new generation of AirPods, or it is simply a new variation of the existing Apple AirPodsPro

Prosser thinks that it may be new AirPods which it will get its release in addition to the 13- inch MacBookPro He thinks that Apple is most likely targetting WWDC for their launch of the over-ear high-end earphones and BeatsX-like Airpods X to be introduced in September or October.