Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Said That It ‘Sounds Like Capitol Police Needs To Investigate Fonda’

Anna Paulina Luna

Actress Jane Fonda has been reported to the Capitol Police by Rep. Anna Paulina Luna for her suggestion that murder is a solution to anti-abortion legislation and its advocates. During a recent appearance on ‘The View’ Fonda was chatting with show hosts about abortion and the fact that women no longer have the federally protected right of access to abortion after Roe V. Wade was overturned.

Fonda puts Murder as a solution to push the pro-choice agenda. This statement has caused a backlash with many citing it as a threat to pro-life activists. While Fonda’s co-hosts laughed off the comment, Fonda did not indicate that it was a joke or hyperbole during the show. She only later claimed that it was not enough to appease those who deemed it inappropriate and threatening.

Fonda’s Murder Comment Was Not Taken Lightly By Rep. Anna Paulina Luna As Well As The Audience 

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna held her thoughts accountably. Luna identified the comment as a threat to pro-life activists and immediately reports it to Capitol Police demanding that Fonda and ‘The View’ hosts be held accountable. Fonda commented on an appearance on the show when she was asked about other solutions besides protesting that pro-abortion activists could use to combat the new laws. However, her co-host brushed it off as a joke while Luna and many others viewed it as a serious threat.

The Florida Congresswomen believe that Fonda should answer for the comment which was in bad taste and promotes violence. While the statement has been seen as controversial, Fonda claims that it was made in jest. However, those who found it threatening do not view it that way. She believes that her body language and tone made it clear that she was exaggerating to prove a point.