Tesla Cybertruck is going to be ‘able to float for a while,’ says Elon Musk

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated vehicles from Tesla. The electric truck looks quite cool and according to Musk, it is even “able to float for a while”. Musk has often boasted of the Tesla vehicle’s ability to float or act as a boat for a short while.

Many experts have driven Tesla cars through a flooded tunnel and found that, yes, while it can float, it is not something recommended. It remains afloat due to the thrust that the rotation of the wheels provides. Musk has talked about the hermetically sealed battery pack at the bottom which can help it float. While you can only do it for a short period, it is a great way to make people more confident about electric cars.

Someone asked Musk if the Cybertruck can float even in wading depth and can be used to cross streams while fishing.

Musk says: Yes. It will even float for a while.

Musk is advertising the Cybertruck as an amazing vehicle both for on-road and off-road purposes. It will have a dynamic suspension which makes it capable of delivering an off-road experience.

It is even going to have a heat pump like the Model Y. 

Tesla might be producing the Cybertruck by 2021. The company is currently searching for a place of production in the central USA to build its “Cybertruck Gigafactory”.