Anne Hathaway Will Star In Princess Diaries 3

Anne Hathaway

The First Princess Diaries was released in  2001, starring Anne Hathaway, and Julie Andrews, and Presented by Walt Disney, as a rom-com.

The princess diaries are adapted from Meg Cabot’s novel. Anne Hathaway played Mia Thermopolis, the clumsy teenager, who was unaware of her kingdom and title.

Anne Hathaway Is Yet To Reveal The Big News

Anne Hathaway hasn’t responded to the news till now. However, this is for sure she is going to be the princess again, this is Anne Hathaway’s sequel, only made for her. And none will take it away. Sources say Aadrita Mukherji is writing the screenplay, she has written screenplays for Supergirl and Reacher. Walt Disney is yet to make the announcement.

After asked by Julie Andrews, who played the role of grandma Queen Clarisse Renaldi, in 2001. She is doubtful about her appearance currently in order to appear as grandma on screen again. If the writers set up a story maintaining her appearance and if it matches her, she would definitely sign up for it, and that would be something wonderful. And if not that’s also okay for her.

Before this Anne Hathaway shared how much she was excited to get the script of the princess diaries back in 2001, she felt the magic and it was a mind-blowing movie. She felt the ‘electricity’ after reading the script. Anne Hathaway’s dream came true after starring opposite Julie Andrews. And the best part was she could hug her every day.

Only Anne Hathaway could play the princess’s role, she was perfect, and the way she portrayed the clumsy teenager who goes to school, has no idea whatsoever about her kingdom in Genovia. As the story unfolds gradually little by little the layers started coming off.Then her granny took the responsibility to groom her through and through and the difficulties she faced during those periods were completely on her face. The Princess Diaries was directed by Garry Marshall, and the film grossed worldwide $165 million.