Brooklyn Nets Forward Kevin Durant Had Discussion With The Teammates

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

In their 153-121 defeat to the Kings on Tuesday, the Brooklyn Nets allowed a record-high number of points for the NBA campaign. The organization suspended guard Kyrie Irving citing “devastating effect of his behavior” related to a posts on social media regarding a movie and a book with antisemitic views, and he missed his eighth consecutive game as a result. Earlier in the campaign, Jacque Vaughn is the new coordinator. Ben Simmons, a guard, is rushing off the substitute bench in an effort to rediscover his former NBA All-Star form.

Twelve-time All-Star of Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant had been at peace, grinning, sporting his signature baseball cap, as well as wearing it as the dust had settled nearly an hour that after disaster for the unpredictable Brooklyn Nets. He expressed his appreciation for just being able to make a livelihood playing basketball.

Brooklyn Nets Forward Durant Had Discussions With His Colleagues:

The next is a Q&A featuring Durant wherein he discusses Irving, Simmons, living in Brooklyn, competing at the Barclay Arena, his focus, his lack of interests, and other topics. He then answers questions from the audience.

On being asked why he pulled back from his move away from Brooklyn Nets and if he still wants to be around here is what he said:

I adore everyone in this place. Last year’s season was challenging. several positives and negatives We were fortunate to engage in some open discussions on both sides, and I felt comfortable pressing a move or expressing how I felt more about organization. Therefore, I believe it was precisely what they need, so we were able to move ahead. So, the topic was grinding. I gave in here. Here, I signed. So, the key is to keep working and see where it leads.