Jojo Siwa Is Affected By Homophobic Comments

JoJo Siwa
JoJo Siwa

Jojo Siwa, the dancer, actress, and influencer, has earned over 12 million subscribers on Youtube in the last 7years. Just a 19-year-old who has her own business of fashion accessories, she once was the youngest influencer and business owner among all. Her scrunchies and bow have a specialty and sell worldwide. Jojo Siwa came out in 2021 January.

Jojo Siwa Reacts To Hurtful Comment Towards LGBTQA+ Community

Candace Cameron Bure made an effective comment about the LGBTQ community and Candace’s feud with Jojo goes way back. Candace was never nice to Jojo, they were together in Fuller House when Jojo was 11 years old, and as Jojo’s mother wrote Candace didn’t pose for a photo with child artists. Exactly where everything started, the I incident that took place years ago was shared on her podcast channel. The rumored feud supposedly ended after this and again in a talk show when Jojo Siwa was asked which celebrity she hates the most, and she showed Candace’s photo. It is believed that Candace’s arrogance ruined her image, and Jojo lost her respect for her.

Jojo Siwa showed her concern for other people like her getting hurt, and Candace commented on traditional marriage, humiliating the queer community. As she implied that other than straight marriages are not acceptable.

Jojo Siwa took to her social media platform to raise her voice against this mean statement, by her ex-co-actress. She is even going to make a movie keeping aside the LGBTQA+ community. She felt this was extremely rude and ‘hurtful’.

Many applauded her for raising her voice in the comment section.

It was an unacceptable comment for many, but Jojo Siwa made everyone aware of that unkindness. Someone so valuable could make such a comment regarding this crucial and sensitive matter.